The C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre has a strong focus on quality primary care serving over 30,000 patients. We also provide several inpatient services at Boundary Trails Health Centre including inpatient care, ER, ICU, obstetrics, cancer care, palliative care, anesthesia and OR assisting.


The C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre believes in the use of technology to provide optimal patient care. We have a provincially approved EMR (with online booking, direct patient messaging, integrated virtual visits), access to eChart Manitoba, clinic wide and remote access to UpToDate/RxFiles and electronic lab result reporting.


C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre is a Family Medicine teaching facility as part of the Boundary Trails Clinical Teaching Unit in conjunction with the University of Manitoba Max Rady College of Medicine, providing medical teaching to medical students, family practice residents and surgical residents.